tirsdag 30. juni 2015

Grethe and Stein Rettedal


Grethe and Stein Rettedal joined us the 27th of June in Trogir. Next day we sailed almost to Sibenik, anchored up and spent the night there. We had some difficulties because of strong winds up to 33 knots. Terje had to keep the engine running until Aurora Polaris stopped moving. The wind just carried her away. Finally we could relax and witness a fabulous performance of 5 planes synchronized in a breathtaking maneuver above us. Two of them came flying towards our mast, twisted 360 degrees and just barely touched it (at least we felt like they were). We don't know how long it lasted. It was so unexpected and funny!


After a morning bath and breakfast, 8 o'clock, we started our journey towards Skradin. We hired bikes and cycled 5 km to Krka. After enjoying the beautiful national park, we had a refreshing bath close to the waterfalls. Returned to the boat after one more bath at Skradin beach. 

 Then a lovely peka-dinner on a local Konoba. They picked us up on the pier, and brought us back afterwards.

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